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Encryption and Politics
Encryption What is the "Clipper Chip"? - key escrow and backdoors
Encryption The Wassenaar Arrangement - export controls and encryption

AES The Rijndael algorithm - the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) - The AES algorithm and the challenge to set a new Federal standard
DES DES and Triple DES - the US Federal Data Encryption Standard - DES was developed in 1976 and used as a US Federal Information Protection Standard until 1993. Read about weaknesses in DES algorithm and the international challenge to "crack the code".
Algorithms Encryption algorithms - types of algorithm and their uses.

General information

Encryption and Scrambling Security Methodologies - differences between encryption and scrambling
Encryption Introduction to Voice Security (pdf 533k) - information on the encryption and scrambling techniques used to overcome communications security risks
Encryption What is encryption? - what are keys, algorithms and random numbers, and how do they work together?
Scrambling Scrambling and frequency inversion - how do radio security products work, and what is "frequency inversion"?
Key Management Public Key and Private Key - an introduction to key management systems
Public Key A brief history of public key technology.
History The History of Encryption - how long has encryption been used and how has it developed since its beginnings?
Radio Radio security - what are the vulnerabilities of radio communications, and how can these be overcome?
Codebreaking Codebreaking
What is voice? - what are the components of voice signals and how can voice be secured?

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