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CES licenses its encryption and signal improvement technologies to manufacturers of communications products, allowing new distinguishing features to be easily added.

CES also designs and develops custom solutions for customers seeking a unique product for their requirements.


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Licensing case study:
CES and Codan implement SAFE in Codan NGT HF Transceiver


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Encryption Technologies

CES' SQ Digital Encryption Architecture provides a framework for encryption using AES, Triple DES or any customer-defined 128-bit algorithm. Designed to allow operation over a wide range of communications networks (PSTN, GSM and satellite systems).
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CES' patented SAFE encryption system protects voice and fax Communications within standard analog transmission parameters. SAFE does not require synchronisation, allowing communications to be conducted successfully and efficiently across poor transmission channels.
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Signal Improvement Technology

CES' Spread Time Technology makes communications signals more resilient to interference. Spread Time reduces the effects of fades and shadowing in the Communications channel.
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CES' is also happy to work on new methods to improve communications quality in support of other projects. CES has previously engineered a solution to the problem of frequency offset, which reduces the quality of HF radio communications.
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Please contact us if you would like further information about our company and how we can meet your requirements.

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